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Archives » Why does the screen go white when trying to send messages?
Whenever i click send message, it brings up the screen normally. when i go to type the namer of the receiver or a message, the screen goes white in the area where the message box appears.

It's a bug caused by the latest update. Please be patient while things are being fixed.

i was only curious. thank you for satisfying that curiosity.

screen still goes white on my profile.

Are you using the latest version of your browser?

no, i don't believe so.

Then update?

happens with IE not updated.

Aye, this isn't a browser issue.

It sounds like a memory issue on our side to me. Do you have a lot of messages in your inbox or sent items Kalor (or anyone else who has the problem)?

The last sync brought over some optimisations to the DM system that should have helped a bit, but I don't really have a good setup where I can test and reproduce the problem.