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Year 10 Day 315 14:24
Is there a way to remove workers from a running production? I am building a ship and it's going to take 2 years to build, yes that's right, two years!


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Year 10 Day 315 18:12
Not really. You could try arresting some to take them off though.

Year 10 Day 315 18:23
Ack, arresting would take 3 factions to make that happen..just have to abort it and start over

Year 10 Day 315 19:03
1. Pause Production
2. Unassign the Production faction as the Manager of however many NPCs you want to remove.
3. Restart

Year 10 Day 317 15:58
I did that, then I restarted and it deleted the project, I lost everything! How can I fix it and get every thing back.

Year 10 Day 317 16:27
You can't. Abort is permanent

Year 10 Day 317 17:47
Well that would be fine if I aborted..but I resumed the construction.

Year 10 Day 317 17:51
What's the ID of the factory? Resuming can't delete a project, so I'm suspecting something else happened.

Year 10 Day 317 17:59
I bug based it Khan.

Year 10 Day 320 17:34
How long does it take for a bug report to get checked it out?

Year 10 Day 321 6:42
There's no set time but under normal circumstances we try and address them within 3 - 5 days of posting. At the moment we're still coming off the post-PHP upgrade bug rush, so times will be pushed out a bit.

Also bear in mind that some of the developers tend towards working more on the weekend than during the week, so that may impact how long it takes for someone to look at your bug.

Year 10 Day 321 10:30