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Year 10 Day 316 21:43
I have a new employee that is using NPC transport to get to Naboo. He says he is stuck in orbit on the shuttle. Have their been any recent reports of a new npc transport bug?

Year 10 Day 316 22:32
It could be that the shuttle is ascending/descending and so would show its in orbit possibly. Also, ascending/descending takes an extra hour in NPC travel over normal.

If they have been there a while, get them to contact the admins directly so that they can look into it and fix it for them.

Year 10 Day 316 22:37
Funnily enough, the new employee reporting the problem has also posted in the forums about the starspeeder 3000, i think its just noob problems, not game related, we will wait and see

Thanks for your reply

Year 10 Day 316 23:44
Im stuck in A StarSpeeder 3000 Star Tours ship, It has stopped in orbit over the planet i have just left, its a problem.

Year 11 Day 264 19:03
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez
i got stuck to,I'm new as well and I got stuck at Naboo as well!