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Year 10 Day 316 22:00
what is wrong with Dylan VonDarkness as a handle?

Year 10 Day 316 22:35
WHat was the email they sent - that generally gives a more detailed aspect of what was wrong with it. Looking at it, I would guess that the Von bit should of been a separate name, rather than tagged onto the front. And, more importantly, the Darkness bit doesn't sound like a surname at all.

Year 10 Day 317 0:47
The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

Your handle does not match out current rules requirements. It was turned down because of incorrect spelling, either your names do not begin with capitals or there are other glaring spelling/capitalization errors.

that was the email

and VonDarkness just means from darkness

Year 10 Day 317 3:21
No, von Darkness would. Either way, the issue is likely that the "Darkness" bit doesn't sound like a valid name.

Year 10 Day 318 2:00
well thats the name on my drivers license

Year 10 Day 318 2:41
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
An even better reason not to have it as your handle.

Year 10 Day 318 3:33
So it'd be illegal as it's your real name.

Try again.

Year 10 Day 318 14:03
Hey im another guest wanting to join the SW combine but u sent me an email saying this

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

This IP has tried to apply with several handles at once. All requests are declined as we can not know which one is correct. Please apply again with only one request and be patient.

Yes that, well i used another email adress like a couple months ago and i acidentally deleated it, so i tried with my new one and sent me that,i dont know why, i just want to play, ive waited 36 hours and only tried once. any tips or answers?

Year 10 Day 318 14:27
Accidentally deleted what? The e-mail account or the e-mail itself (as you can't delete the game account).

If it was the e-mail, put in a lost password request on the front page. If it was the e-mail account, can you try to re-make it? Or, what I'd suggest, is contact an ASim and provide the old e-mail address, that desired account/character name, and your new e-mail address so that it can be changed.

Oh, and for future reference, it's preferred if you start your own thread rather than using someone else's.

Year 10 Day 321 4:39
ive came up with some more names i would to run by you guys before i wast my time trying to apply again so here they are;

Black Raven
Ebon Raven
Dark Raven
Raven Jones
Raven Spector
Shadow Spector

Year 10 Day 321 5:25
Try names which sound like actual names, not lame superhero handles...

Year 10 Day 321 5:47
Spector may be allowed as a surname since people do have that surname in RL. However it would have the be partnered with a normal sounding name, not a random noun etc.

Year 10 Day 325 0:03
and i don't see why raven isn't a normal sounding name i know heaps of people with that as a name

seeing as i cant come with a name can u come up with one for me ?

Year 10 Day 325 0:10
Well, have you thought about what Species/race you want to be, then evolve a name around that?

Year 10 Day 325 0:12
There is also a random name generator on the character page - just beware that it contains some illegal names since it was based on older rules. You can also try other random name generators and then see if the result is one you wouldn't mind changing your name to in RL.

Year 10 Day 325 16:17
To brainstorm a bit more on the whole "Black Raven, Ebony Raven, etc" type of names why don't you try...

Purple Kiwi
Pink Magpie
Blue Turtledove

To go off of "Shadow Spectre" et al, let me suggest:

Cobra Commander
Snake Eyes
Doctor Mindbender

....sarcasm aside, go pick something more like a name.

Year 10 Day 326 10:17
Actually your sarcasm is well founded and quite topical. (I laughed)
Skeltsco has the best point... perhaps look into a specific species/race you want to be and get a name from there
For instance a human wouldn't go for the name Chrag'mak'al (that's a name of a Givin) but perhaps a Givin name that could be applicable to a human would be Pendor Gyrr, or Elis Helrot.

Also on the handle creation page... this is specifically mentioned

You may not have a handle that does not sound like a name:

Forbidden: "Imthebest", "AttAcK", "hhhhhh","Killer X", "Blood Raven", ...

Blood Raven, Black Raven.... it doesn't sound like a name.

Year 10 Day 328 2:45
well what about raven dillinger?

Year 10 Day 328 11:19

# You may not have a handle that closely resembles that of a famous real life person or organisation:
Forbidden: George Lucas, Dalt Wisney, Micro Soft


Year 10 Day 328 11:57
Does not apply, Grav. He'd have to be using John (Jon, Johnathon, Johnny... etc) Dillinger for that rule to apply. You can't say "Oh no, he's using Dillinger, real people have that name!" and decline it. It might be declined for Raven, depending who reviews it, but Raven Dillinger has a much better chance than Raven Spector or such.

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