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Year 10 Day 328 12:41
OK, I can see that. More a judgment call maybe, but...

Year 10 Day 330 7:31
Raven Darkmyre?

Year 10 Day 331 19:51
Probably fine.

Year 10 Day 332 9:15
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
Darkmyre should be fine yeah, but it just seems like it is lacking that Combine ring like Gravnkev, or Skorzeka. While it might be approved, the name raven -- like Darkmyre -- sounds like it belongs in a tween's fantasy novel and not the Star Wars universe

actually, thinking about it Darkmyre sound like a good name for a Magic: The Gathering card. Perhaps tap to add 1 black mana to your pool and put a -1, -1 counter on target creature you control until end of turn.

Year 10 Day 332 21:18
so it has to sound like it is from starwars?

Year 10 Day 332 21:30
You will notice some people here have little bars under their avatars. Hovering over those bars will show the teams that person is part of. If you look at Syn and I, you will see "Join Team". You will notice Umbeck doesn't have one. No prizes for guessing who you should be paying more attention to.

Year 10 Day 335 3:16
so i can get in with any name as long it sounds like a name?

Year 10 Day 335 4:35
And doesn't break any other rules, yes.

Year 10 Day 335 6:40
Darkmyre should be fine yeah 

so to go from that to

so it has to sound like it is from starwars? 

isn't really a logic next step.

and from as far back as 14 days ago it was brought up to
"Try names which sound like actual names, not lame superhero handles..."
"it would have the be partnered with a normal sounding name, not a random noun etc."
"there is also a random name generator on the character page"
"....sarcasm aside, go pick something more like a name."

So it is a fair suggestion to point out right off the bat, it would be okay, but perhaps once again isn't the best. And I'll do it too but more specifically and as less of a smartass (MTG? really who plays that)

Dear our Guest/Visitor, yes you can get in with any name, so long as it fits within the criteria on the rules page and those posted in this thread. That does not mean obvious SUGGESTIONS such as picking a species first, or using a name like Purple Kiwi, or Pink Magpie should be followed, or just casually mentioning that the name sounds like a fantasy novel should be taken as what you must do, but they are indeed someone's valid opinions.
And hopefully without Hal pulling rank again, I'll add my final tidbit of advice.
Make whatever name you truly want to express yourself as, and then submit it. If it gets rejected, pick another until you get one through you are happy with. Don't conform something as uniquely personal as your name to someone else's whims and ideas.
Do what you want so long as it is within the rules, and let the Join Team sort it out until you get one they approve of.

Year 10 Day 336 15:15
woop i got in

thanx for your help every one

one last thing, can i add a personalized avatar?

Year 10 Day 336 15:38
Xeon Cartagho
Xeon Cartagho
Yes you can

- go to your Character page (on the right side menu), in the Manage categories
- Click the Edit [your handle] Profile on the top left link just below the combine date
- put your personalized avatar link in the URL to character picture: input box

Year 10 Day 336 16:38
thank you

and thanks again every one for your help

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