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Year 10 Day 317 11:54

I can't move on empty ground. "You can't go over there" Does that happen because of "rocky" surface, or my status "Slightly Wounded"

Bug or natural sh*t?

Year 10 Day 317 18:11
Probably a bug - I'm guessing your trying to walk across a city/terrain square on a planet? Though I thought they had solved that problem.

Year 10 Day 318 1:19
Trying to walk across terrain square - Yes.

HP 6/22
Badly Wounded 

I think I should send a bug report.

Year 10 Day 318 1:41
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
What planet are you on... Atmospheric damage?

Year 10 Day 318 2:53
In Tatooine. Leaved 2 days ago from Mos Eisley to heading south-east. Arrived yesterday.

HP 2/22
Badly Wounded 


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Year 10 Day 318 6:02
I imagine you are losing HP due to the atmospheric damage. According to rules page you'll loose 5% every hour on Tatooine. Maybe try spawing a CP vehicle/ship and entering it....hopefully it will prevent you from losing more health.

Year 10 Day 318 6:04
Breske, if I even have one.

I dont. I cancel my plans to go FFC Budnik 5 9. Backing out to Mos Eisley.

E: Uhh... HP is now 1/22...

HP -1/22

I think my life is over.

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Year 10 Day 318 7:26
I think you'll need to contact a medical faction - their members should be able to add you to their party and move you and get you healed.

Year 10 Day 324 22:21
Perhaps there should be at least a warning message that you are not feeling well when you wander about in hostile environments w/o the proper attire...

Year 10 Day 325 12:34
Rayos Saree
Rayos Saree
They should have that.

Year 10 Day 325 16:08
So go suggest it in the suggestion forum.