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Year 10 Day 329 12:21
You could always shield the planet before you prospect on it.
Or instead of 1 person teams, travel in 2 and the 2nd person gets a Gozanti. That\'ll kill most any little fighter attacks

Year 10 Day 329 13:31
A YT-1210/Gonzanti combo would be good in some respects, but like Hal said, this is not a discussion topic.

I suggest that this either be closed or moved to General Talk.

Year 10 Day 332 12:40
Can someone fix that timetable at top, the link is broken?

Year 10 Day 333 11:33
I believe the image was either moved or deleted off of SWC's server, I went into the SimNews archive to look for it, and the link is broken there too. There's nothing I can do. :'-(

Dang, I wish I had saved that image.

Year 10 Day 333 12:05
Thanks for the reply, I appreciate you looking for me.

Year 10 Day 336 23:13
Hey Kyumaru, I posted this topic asking about the timetable image. It has been re-uploaded and it's back!

2009_Targets.pngClick for a larger image.

I've also updated my original post to show the new image.

Edited By: Phillip Bromley on Year 10 Day 336 23:14
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