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Year 10 Day 329 14:23


I had an account here in the past year, I believe the name was "Evix Jhredmo." I have felt an interest to come back and check out the game, but cannot seem to access my account due to either a forgotten password or my username is gone somehow. I tried the forgotten password feature, but it doesn't recognize any of my e-mail addresses.

I do not want to create a new account without permission, in order to not break the multi-account rules of SWCombine.

Would it be possible for an admin to send a new password or old password to the e-mail the account is registered to? That way, I can check all of my in-use e-mails for it and see if it arrives. Otherwise, I think that my account was deleted from lack of activity, possibly. What's the policy on deleting old accounts, based on how long a time of inactivity?

If that's the case, would I have permission to create a new account under the same name, etc?

My current e-mail is evixjhredmo@gmail.com.

Thank you.

-Evix jhredmo

Year 10 Day 329 14:48
If you were level 1, the account was deleted after nine months of inactivity.

Year 10 Day 329 16:36
If the entire account was deleted, you couldn't be in trouble for being a multi.
But I don't know about having the same handle.
I want to say yes, you can... since your entire account would have been deleted I don't think the server saves a record of those that completely disappear.
I tried to assign that handle as pilot and

Year 10 Day 331 19:48
The account still exists, and the e-mail address associated with it is the same as the e-mail address that you listed. Lost Password should have worked fine for it.. either way, I've had a new password sent to your e-mail address.

Year 10 Day 331 20:55
He re-applied, Syn. I saw no flags that suggested it was a multi, so I approved it, assuming it was the 9mo deletion answer.