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Archives » Planetary Economy Rules Curiosities
Hacov Ashfar
Hacov Ashfar
I'm reading the planetary economy rules, and some things seem a bit odd.

Firstly, on the civilization level calculations, it says Planet Surface Area, or PSA for short, is Planet Area times 222. Where does the figure 222 come from? A city, with the surrounding unbuildable area included, is 22^2 squares large, that's 484 squares. The concerning example first calculates PSA = 4 * 222 = 888, but in the end uses the figure 1936 where that 888 should be. 1936 is 4 * 484, though.

Secondly, in all of the Sum of EachN/Sum of EachM calculations, it is possible that no facility from the EachM list is present. What sort of methods are used to prevent divide by zero errors in these cases?

I'm not going to be building tax planets, just curious.

The 222 means nothing and is just part of the equation.

Planet Surface Area is just the height and width of the planet. they have 4 x 222 since I assume it is a moon. 2 x 2 tiles

a 13x13 planet would be Planet Area 169 x 222= PSA of 37,518

Salvor Higgs
Salvor Higgs
There's something wonky on that rules page.

It had been 484 when I last looked, they changed it for some reason on the rules page. Perhaps it was a mistake by the person who typed up the rules page, mistaking a 22^2 for a 222. If it were 222, that would allow for CL greater than 1, since you can easily fill up more than 222 squares in a single city.

Another thing is the example they give there doesn't even match their defined CL.

For Example

CL = (Sum of Each(NF*FA)) / PSA

PSA = 4 * 222 = 888
Sum of:
Power Gens = (12 * 3) = 36
Starports = (4 * 32) = 128
Sum of Each(NF*FA) = 164

CL = 164 / 1936 = 0.0847 

For some reason, 888 doubles to 1936 in the bottom calculation. Weird. I'd like to know the correct form, too.

Yep in those cases it should have a ^ in there (so 22^2 in this case). The equations that are used in the game are correct, just someone forgot to add them into the rules page equations. Or they got deleted accidentally.

Been brought up before (has anyone thought of checking back through other threads?) many times, and been brought to the devs attention I believe.

Check back in the Rules Update forum under Message Centre. That's where rules updates should go. And if it just plain text that needs to be changed they can do that in minutes.

I never had to do those calculations so I can't say I ever cared to find out if it is 222 or a 22^2.

Hacov Ashfar
Hacov Ashfar
I did glance over the recent threads in General Questions and Rules Updates, the issue's not on the first few pages, at least. Maybe I missed it, though.

Anyway, thanks for confirming my suspicions. Can anyone comment on the second question?

Hacov Ashfar
Hacov Ashfar
Additionally, I take it that the income a faction gets from the planet is Base Income times Tax Level, as TL isn't mentioned in the Base Income formula.

Also, there's an oddity in the Base Income equation. Should I assume the "P0.66" means Base Population times 0.66?

You might have noticed the / showing up before apostrophes again in DMs and such. This indicates, to me, that we have a character issue again. Perhaps the missing ^ is related?

Hal the missing ^ was around way before the / issue in DMs.

Hacov Ashfar
Hacov Ashfar
Yeah, I figured out the missing ^'s. It seems the page's been modified to show exponents as upper index, only that's not working. At least not for everyone.