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Year 6 Day 314 11:18
Zvi Mowshowitz
Zvi Mowshowitz
well first of all, sorry for my bad inglish, i'm argentinian.
my problem is that i want to create a new character and i don't have a way to kill the one i have now.
the reasons for this, is that when i first joined the combine, and create my actual character, i didn't know much about the game, and i just asigned my skill points to only the implemented skills...
so the result was a character far too unbalanced.
so now that i played the game for a few months now... i was planing in doing one more balanced.
so i just wondering if i could create a new one without broken any rule...
i just wanna kill the one i have rigth now... and create a new one.
i don't care about wait 3 weeks for the new creation.
and i don't this becouse about the FS matter...
in fact i didn't take the test, so i don't even know if i'm FS or not.
i just don't like my actual character and whant to create a new one.
and please don't say to me that there is no need to do that.
that i can "improve my character wining XP"
i simply don't like my character, and if i can't do one that i like, i will just get bored of the game and quit...
i don't wanna play a character that i don't like.
well that is all, thank you for your time.
i'm looking forward for the answer to my problem.

Year 6 Day 314 12:02
Revan Corrus
Revan Corrus
Get a ship and go to the sun :) (collect 4500 CP, buy cloackshape and do it!). I don't know of other easier way. Good Luck!!!

BTW at the beginning I didn't like my char too, but I get used to the useless skills.

Year 6 Day 314 22:42
ask your faction if they would be willing to execute.

I do not recommend flying into a sun, unless its your personal ship.

If you use a faction ship or someone elses ship they will probarbly be a bit upset if you destroy their ship


Year 6 Day 316 21:35
You'll have to take care of this IC; it's not something we can help you out with.

Keep in mind that you do gain a skill point each time you level, so if you prefer you can simply accumulate those skill points and allocate them to skills more to your liking.



Year 6 Day 320 5:16
Of course if you fly into a sun you will be dead, so it doesn't matter what people think of you!