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Archives » SWC Timetable Image Moved/Deleted?
What happened to the timetable image in this SimNews post? Was it moved, or deleted?

Looks like it was deleted inadvertently. I've uploaded a new version.

Sweet! Thanks!

I noticed a change though, Actions 3.0 is now red, has then been ruled out then?

Makes sense though, since you guys are now behind schedule because of PHP 5.3 But when all the kinks are worked out, PHP 5.3 will be a nice improvement.

Yup. We've pushed Actions 3 out of scope for the time being (though a couple of us have bashed our heads together and written some notes on what we want it to achieve).

PHP 5.3 has given us some fancy new features that'll make writing Actions 3 easier though, so it's worth it in the longer term.

WebServices may also get pushed out of scope. There's a group working on some software to generate (or rather, ease the generation) of WebServices from an existing code base. They aim for a beta launch in the third quarter, but if that slips then we'll probably not make quarter three for that either.

Repair is really just waiting for Sin and I to be done with the bug fixing & stabilisation work that has taken priority.

R&D I can't really speak to yet.

Well, I'm glad to see that the image has been updated to reflect current events.

Another question:

On the simnews post I linked to above, it mentions what the different colors mean:
  • Green represents complete projects
  • Orange represents projects in progress
  • Yellow indicates projects awaiting discussion
What does blue mean? My best guess is projects that are planned, but don't fall into any of the other categories, but I'm not sure.

I take it you mean the blue lines joining projects? Those are features related to fixing the economy.

If you're talking about the gray boxes, I think it's stuff we've mostly planned out but nobody's gotten around to yet.

That's gray? Man, I need a better screen. I thought it was a light blue.

I think Mikel was right, I was just wanting some confirmation.