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Year 10 Day 333 12:07
I have a question, I will soon be reaching the point where I can exchange my CP points for a ship, and my question is this.

If I do that, will the ship spawn where I want it to, like can I change the location and the system and such, or does it appere at my present location by default?

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Year 10 Day 333 12:50

Year 10 Day 333 13:02
It will appear at your location

Year 10 Day 333 18:44
I have another question, and this is for anybody who reads this, but des anyone use the surveys to earn CP points, and if you do what do you find trustworthy?

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Year 10 Day 333 19:58
Try to only use the ones that are worth 499CPs. Those have always worked for me, though not every one of them will pay off.

Year 10 Day 333 20:01
Blvd-media mostly pays off, without tons of spam. CPALeads is just the opposite; few pay off, and all send TONS of spam.