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Archives » Medicae Frigates? (Admin posting would be nice :-) ) (please)
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
Just a few questions about Medicae Frigates,

Is anything going to be done about Medicae Frigates to fix the 1DC per faction?

I thought the only reason the limit was put in place is because CPM became filled with get the DCs for <1mil a go.

Will the DC be removed or will it remain in its current state which allows 'rich' players to circumvent the limit anyway and make a profit?

Also I was wondering why an R&D*(upgraded) ship has been introduced in such a manner which undermines the future R&D process, especially when alternatives were provided?

Finally why does Admin still not fix this when as clearly stated Vets have been making Factions just for the one DC use like Pink Medical, surely this not only breaks that Golden rule everyone goes on about but drags down the Combine as a whole?

*By a R&D ship, I mean that in canon ordinary Nebulon B frigates were converted in the rare chance Rebels got their hands on them and yet in the SWCombine uncanon version they can be built from scratch?

Thanks for your time

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Non-admin post

I'm pretty sure the DC will remain in it's current state due to this post in the leaders forum from the boss himself, Veynom.

You're right Jacob, let's remove that ship from the game. It was a stupid idea from the admins to think it could make people happy to see it.

Now, I have no problem with factions being created just for 1 DC. Faction creation and dissolution is a long and tedious process and only a few DC will remain available.

General note: each time there is a new feature providing new DC or in-game action, there is the same kind of bash. We're used to that and go over it. We know there will be a spike of medical factions now and of smuggler faction soon. This until we start working again on a couple of features for items or creatures or whatever.

- Veynom

Does it detract from the Golden Rule/RPG style feel, yes it probably does, but then again do huge public tax planets giving the "in hiding rebels" lots of spending credits also make sense in the RPG style? Or countless of the other "issues" in this game.

The game isn't finished just yet, so it's not [shock horror] going to be the perfect Star Wars Roleplaying game, but by keeping it to a 1 DC per med faction useage, SWC has finally started to create something it needs economically, a meaningful credit sink [after all, NPC wages came after this], for the outflow of credits.

If you still feel you need an admin post, feel free to make that known :p