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Year 10 Day 333 13:44
How many skill points do you get per level, and what percentage of that goes to each group?

Year 10 Day 333 13:55
You receive a single point per level that can go anywhere. It is only with creation that 'x' number of points are allocated to each group.

Year 10 Day 333 14:02
Do the points still have to build like in creation? Say you have trading 2, would you have to accumulate 4 points to move it up to 3?

Year 10 Day 333 14:05
yes. it is like when making your character

Year 10 Day 333 14:05
Well, to get from trading level 2 to 3 the upgrade cost would be 2 skill points but yes, that's the right idea.

Year 10 Day 333 15:27
Yes technically you have to accumulate 4 points, but at trading level 2 you've already put 2 points into it, so you only need to go up two XP levels to get 2 more Skill points more to be able to click to upgrade to trading level 3.

Edited By: Arch Terkan on Year 10 Day 333 22:08
Year 10 Day 333 19:33
Oh, ok. Thanks