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Archives » Any help here would be hot! item retrieval
I bought 45 items from a NPC and in my inventory they read "Stored in Facility: Facility Gough Shop (ID: 216330)" so I picked up everything I could find in the area and loaded it up, then I changed the names of all my items. But I could only find a few items, and the others are no where to be found. I checked the items I'd loaded and they aren't even mine, as the names could be changed manually, but did not change when I changed all item names through my inventory. I am very confused. How do I retrieve the purchased items, and what do I do with all this stuff I found where my stuff was supposed to be?

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Jad Quelben
Jad Quelben
I'd say, leave it there. If it has an owner, they probably want it.... Many people get pissy when someone random takes their items...

Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
I'm pretty sure someone mentioned that Items you by from NPCs aren't spawning correctly at the moment (perhaps bugbase it).

OK, thanks. I already dropped the items back where I found them.