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Year 10 Day 337 12:42

Ever since I've been given my handle I've had problems with loggin' in and staying logged in. Sometimes it doesn't recognize or takes forever and a day to log in and when I do log in it'll only stay logged in until I click to go somewhere else and it tells me "Your session has expired".

Any comments from knowledgeable people on this one?

Also, since I haven't created my character yet is it possible to change the handle name or once you've choosen your handle your stuck with it even if your character hasn't been created?

Year 10 Day 337 17:29
I think you need to be added to the session exception list, an admin can do this after he sees this topic.

As for changing your handle, that can't be done unless you die and recreate your character. But there is a three week wait after you die to make another character.

Year 10 Day 337 18:08
Correction. If you haven't created your character yet, it should be possible to change your name. You definetely can if you are respawning, not sure if it works when making your first character.

But for the session expired, you'll have to wait for an admin to put you on the session exemption list - although I would try all the stuff in the sticked topic about not logging in first.

Year 10 Day 337 20:14
You cannot change your handle as a brand new player, but we do need to know what it is to help you with this.

Year 10 Day 338 1:39

Like I\'ve stated before. My biggest problem is that after I\'ve logged in it\'ll log me out after I\'ve tried to go to another page on the site. It work fine for like seven seconds then it\'ll say \"Session has expired\" and all. It did it to me nine times in a row when I tried to clink on the Timeline link. Its quite frustrating and to be honest it down right idiotic.

My only theory on the problem is that there are so many people on the server. Other then that I\'ve got no clue why it continues to do this.

Handle is Xanatos Askren.

Year 10 Day 338 11:31
Try it now.