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Year 10 Day 338 15:06
I have bought some items in a shop:
1x knife: ID# 1515579
1x small back pack: ID# 1515576

When I check my inventory I see:
Stored in Facility: Facility (ID: 208514)

Normally those items drop in the same room you bought them right? I'm in the room with the shopkeeper: Command Room (925308) and cant fin the items there?

I've checked all the other rooms but also cant find the items there. Is this just a bug or...? I have bought items from shopkeepers before but never experienced this, so I reported this in the bug base. Will the report in the bug base be enough or is must I report this on another forum?

I want to buy more items so I hope someone can fix this,

tanx for reading my question and hope someone can help.

Year 10 Day 339 12:06

Have experienced this too, I am in a shop on Tatooine which is crawling with people. Are the missing items due to the fact that there are so many items on the floor that it just wont process it?

Year 10 Day 343 13:09
Problem isnt solved but get rid of the items.

Year 10 Day 343 18:30
By the looks of it, all the items that were like that were destroyed. Hopefully getting more will cause them to spawn as normal.

Year 10 Day 346 0:12
I'm not sure this is related but it's similar. I got this bug warning when I found this random trophy and was stowing it away.

[guote]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND `ownerType` =4' at line 1
An Error type: mySQL Error with the Message: Y has occured. It has been stored as Error 158.
If this bug has not been reported (check first, please), report it to the bugtracker at[/quote]