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Year 10 Day 338 17:48
I understand that Star Wars Combine is one galaxy. Are the sentients of this galaxy knowledgeable about other galaxies?

For example, the Milky Way. If someone mentioned George Washington in SWC in character, would sentients know that he was an ancient historic person in the Milky Way?

Year 10 Day 338 18:05 They'd think you were insane, or that he was an impressive Bolo-Ball player from the Dantooine system.

Year 10 Day 338 18:07
Canon-wise all humans were thought to have originated from Coruscant so there would be no knowledge of our Milky Way or those associated with it.

Year 10 Day 338 18:32
Star Wars is also set "a long time ago". Meaning it's likely that George Washington wasn't even close to coming into existence.

Year 10 Day 339 6:51
Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
No George Washington! then who is on the one dollar bill :P

Year 10 Day 339 8:09
Year 10 Day 339 8:21
You're George Washington?

Year 10 Day 339 10:45
I reject your reality, and substitute my own :P

Year 10 Day 339 18:08
Everyone knows Grav is widely circulated on the 1-credit chip.

As for other galaxies, technically as Weylin said the Star Wars galaxy is set in a time line before the occurrences of our own galaxy so George Washington might not even be a twinkle in his father's eye yet.

As for knowledge of other galaxies, there would be no darkness mechanism for creating a metaphysics/scientific study of other galaxies but you could have a blast with intellectually framing IC and RPed knowledge of other galaxies.

Year 10 Day 340 4:49
Hacov Ashfar
Hacov Ashfar
In an unpublished, and therefore non-canon, story human life originated on Earth and went backwards in time to a galaxy far, far away.

Wookieepedia on "Alien Exodus"

Good thing it wasn\'t published. If the SW sci-fi was soft before, time travel would have made it liquid.

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Year 10 Day 340 9:12
Albert Einstein developed some theoretical notions that the progress of time can vary. He said some people could live in a faster time than others.

The passage of time could be at different rates, depending on the point of reference. Conceivably, the events of another galaxy occur in the future time of our galaxy.

The Star Wars galaxy could have been in the past but if we travel there, we might arrive at the future. That unpublished story that Hacov Ashfar mentioned sounds quite plausible. Time travel could be relativistic, using the physics of Einstein.

Year 10 Day 340 13:27
Year 10 Day 340 16:25
Hacov Ashfar
Hacov Ashfar
There was a link to the wookieepedia article on that story on my post, I edited to make it visible.

Time could flow at different rates, but to go backwards in time you'd need to go faster than light, and it's impossible to accelerate to FTL speeds.

Temporal wormholes, like the story suggests, require higher dimensions through which time-space continuum could fold, as well as something that would cause the fold.