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Archives » Factory Production at a Standstill
Is anybody experiencing the situation where factory workers are being left in a \\\"working\\\" state after completing all job orders in a factory? I have seen this several times since the PHP upgrade. Not trying to point any fingers here.

Or maybe I am just missing some simple trick with factory workers? Bribes? Punishment?

Yeah some NPCs are still indicating working even after what they were doing is finished. I think the devs have fixed it, though whether its already put in or yet ot be done I am unsure. Best to scan the bug base and add you stuff onto one of the bugs there.

Yup, this particular bug has been fixed but the fix hasn't come over because we haven't synced yet.

OK, thanks guys! Hope the sync happens soon because some of my customers like to "correct" problems with baseball bats. lol

I've still got one factory at a standstill because the workers refuse to stop working. I had a paused job when sync happened and the workers missed out on the good news that they could take a break. I cannot resume the job, nor delete the job. I can add new jobs but cannot start them.

The factory is dead in the water, costing me billions per day... lol

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hmm when did you last check the factory? All the stuck workers were reset when we synced.

Well it's been a couple of days now, biut I checked the workers at least 3 times after the sync and they were working - even though the job was paused. So I can't resume the paused job and I can't start another job.

Our other factories did not have paused jobs in the queue and are producing since the sync. My only problem is the one factory in my bug report #0003667

Just looked in on the factory minutes before posting this. (10/352/8:40). Factory is still stalled with workers perma-working.

Edited By: De`zheel Rynak on Year 10 Day 353 9:51
hmm are you absolutely sure the factory has no project currently running?

I'm sure...

Ahh I see why. There were a handful of paused factories with workers still attached.

You should be good to go now.

My thanks! There'll be a little something extra in it for you.