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Year 10 Day 339 15:59
I just recreated my character about a week ago, and I have a quick question about how strictly the rule about past assets is applied. With the rules about past assets in mind, I made sure not to be too attached to any of the old junk I gave away to friends when I decided to do my previous character in. However, there is ONE NPC I'd like back.

My question is this: if I send money in exchange for this NPC, would this be considered a legitimate way to reacquire it? If so, would any admins checking for suspicious activity be thorough enough to see the send money event? I'd hate to be banned -and have my friend banned- on account of a single musician NPC.

Year 10 Day 339 16:01
As long as you pay a reasonable price you're fine. But if you buy it back with some absurdly low price such as 3 credits you'll certainly be punished.

Year 10 Day 339 17:43
I figured it would be fine. I was going to buy it for the normal hiring price.

Year 10 Day 339 18:04
Buy it back, no worries. Plus I doubt they'll give a fart over a single NPC.

Year 10 Day 339 19:01
Yeah that rule is generally for large lots of ships etc that have been customised or whatnot beyond a normal ship of its type and getting them the well under the market value.

Year 10 Day 339 20:40
Cool. Thanks for the responses. I didn't think it would be that big a deal but I thought it would be best to make sure. I'll go ahead and buy the little bugger back then. That way I can have some entertainment while riding around in my ship. :p