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Year 10 Day 340 19:13

I counted up the number of people in the Races page and added them together. The total number of players represented on the Races page is 3,588 (by my last count, which was a few minutes ago).

According to that little ticker up there ^^, there are 4,073 active members. Somewhere there are 485 people not accounted for on the Races page.


Year 10 Day 340 19:48
Dead people have no character, and thus no race. Plus noobs who have no character.

Year 10 Day 340 20:19
Also that is for active..which means have logged in the last 7 days. Same thing happens to factions, thats why they stress activiness.

Year 10 Day 340 23:26
Either that or there are "hidden" races who nobody is playing as...

Year 10 Day 340 23:41
Somebody has way too much time on their hands... lol

Year 10 Day 341 13:08
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
I wonder if the races page shows how many people are alive, meaning at least 485 characters are dead?

Year 10 Day 341 13:20
After death you must wait 3 weeks before being able to rejoin as a playing character

- 3.2/ What happens to you?

I assume "Active Member" is someone who logs in at least once a week. Considering the respawn timer after death is 3 weeks, that means that within the past 3 weeks 485 died (or are waiting).

Seems like a pretty high fatality rate for a game without combat.

And if they are waiting for approval, why are they on the "active members" tally? They aren't members until after approval.

Year 10 Day 341 13:58
They can be approved, and not created, so they wouldn't have a race.

Year 10 Day 341 14:57
Jad Quelben
Jad Quelben
How would one go about being a "custom race"?

Year 10 Day 341 15:34
If you have to ask, you don't.

Year 10 Day 342 10:13
Jad Quelben
Jad Quelben
Okay, I also noticed that Ezekiel's race was "Yoda"... I'm guessing that this is another custom race?

Year 10 Day 342 14:51
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
Zeke is a Noghri

Year 10 Day 342 23:27
Master Ezekiel
Race: Noghri

I believe you're thinking of Relm. And yes.