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Year 10 Day 343 10:39
The new inventory method is a good idea.... But I don\'t \"own\" the container
my droids are in and now have no idea where they are or if I still own them.
I bought 6 BDs in a container that Gadon Trammer picked up and didn\'t
look to see if he owned them all. Yesterday, I could see who was the
carrier and the name on the container... today nothing.

Any ideas on how to... fix this?

Thanks, Strat


Year 10 Day 343 15:09
Update, have spoke with Gadon Trammer and he doesn't have any idea about this
problem. In otherwords I just "lost" 6 droids, doesn't show anywhere in inventory.
If I could "see" them I would be able to recover them. How is one to keep up with
inventory when you can even see some of that inventory.

Don't know if I should post a bug, waiting on response.

Thanks, Strat

Year 10 Day 343 18:29
Have you got an extra cargo crate in your inventory with your droid type as the name and with 6 inside it? Byt the looks of it, if you owned something inside a crate owned by someone else it spawned another crate owned by you in the same location.

Year 10 Day 343 19:59
Yes Sir, It's seems that's the case... Still abit strange. I will get use to it though.

Thanks, Strat


Year 10 Day 345 10:16
If you don't mind me tagging on to this thread, I too have lost an item I just purchased although it has not been replaced with a cargo box in my inventory. Is this what was meant in the Sim News, or a bug?

Year 10 Day 345 19:07
Was it in a cargo container before? If so, it should have created another cargo container for you if you didn't already own the cargo container it was in.

If it wasn't in one, its probably a bug of some kind.

Year 10 Day 347 0:54
I have the same problem. I have lost 436 items and they have not been added to any new crates. This is millions of credits worth and they just dont appear anywhere in my inventory ... can anyone explain?

Year 10 Day 347 2:34
Did you own the crates they were in before the update? If so, new crates would not have spawned, but the orginal crate would have would have those items added to its stored items number.