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Year 10 Day 344 8:17
1. Can you fight your brawler (you don't just hit him, he hits back too)? If so, how
2. Can you make 2 different brawlers fight each other? If so, how?

Year 10 Day 344 8:41
1. Yes - talk to them and choose the fight option. However they are bugged at the moment and fall to your first blow. Occasionally they can get one hit in too.

2. No.

Year 10 Day 344 8:42
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
1. Yes, this is currently a bug. Usually, you would have to hit the brawler many times to reduce his HP (and he would be returning the favor). Expect this to be corrected soonTM.

2. Not at this time. Brawlers can only brawl with Player Characters (PCs).

Year 10 Day 345 7:05
Jad Quelben
Jad Quelben
As an added note, many people like to RP brawlers fighting each other.
See what I mean...

Year 10 Day 345 12:17
any idea when this bug will be fixed?

Year 10 Day 345 19:02
Not soon I would think. Its not game breaking, and it actually benefits the players rather than goes against them like most bugs. The devs have much more serious bugs that actually stop gameplay in certain areas that they need to fix first. Just enjoy the easy XP they give.

Year 10 Day 354 8:49
Does this connect to the fact I can't see my NPC's in a room anymore except when I press the 'party' button?

And then I even can't see the NPC's I don't own...

never mind, found the answer in Room Messages. I'll pay better attention to SIM news from now on :)

Edited By: Harnil Mantell on Year 10 Day 354 8:51
Year 10 Day 354 10:02
Please, can someone from admin confirm this . "Can we fight with brawlers even we knew that fight with NPC is bugged"
I have 2 brawlers and I didn't fight with them after I found that there is bug. It's more then 20 days.

Edited By: Anna Croft on Year 10 Day 354 10:04
Year 10 Day 354 10:29
Yes NPC brawling is bugged. Yes you can still brawl them. The only issue is that it doesn't go through the entire script where you trade punches for punches, instead it cuts straight to the end where you win.

I'm not an admin but i've been brawling with some NPC's plenty lately.

....how often does this need to be said?

Year 11 Day 19 9:44
Believe they fixed the bug, however now we keep missing each other....

Year 11 Day 19 15:05
same thing is happening to me, we both always miss