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Archives » I can not get into the cockpit of the ship i am in charge of for the faction!
I was off line for 4-5 months and when i got back i could not enter the cockpit of the ship i am in! I am in the atmosphere so can not get out of ship! when i try to enter the ockpit it says:
In an uncharacteristic lapse of memory you look around and realize you are no longer in the cockpit, and must return to access the controls.
You have no access to the cockpit. Please help!
Thank you.

Make sure you're in the proper room. If that doesn't help, make sure you're still assigned as pilot.

How do i check if im still registered as the pilot?

Xeon Cartagho
Xeon Cartagho
right menu "Inventory > Ships" then "Managed Piloted Ships", check if you're assigned as pilot of said ship

Thank you! now I atleats know the problem I am not assigned to it! i can take care of it from here. Thanks again