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Year 10 Day 345 8:55

I can't seem to figure out how to see who owns a city. Is there a way?



Year 10 Day 345 9:56
Go into the city, submit a build request, see the name that pops up

Year 10 Day 345 10:05
Thanks Charles.

When I do that though all I receive is this message:

"you do not have permission to build here."

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Year 10 Day 345 13:13
Luna Vox
Luna Vox
Make a post in the Trader's Lounge stating which city it is and ask for the owner to DM you.

Year 10 Day 345 14:16
Thanks Luna. I see that many people do that for ships, etc. I was hoping there is a more discreet way of figuring it out? Surely, a person should be able to see who owns a non-hidden city?

Year 10 Day 345 14:26
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
"Go into the city, submit a build request, see the name that pops up"

Still that. Of course, the city owner will be notified, so I wouldn't call it discreet per se.

Year 10 Day 345 17:48
Well, thanks for the reply.

I guess I'm continuing my trend of not fully grasping the SWC interface. After almost 2 years I still find it confusing & difficult to use.

When I try to submit a build request as you and others have recommended, I am told:

"you do not have permission to build here."

To receive that message, I've been going to the "Request Facility Permission" web page and filling in the appropriate details.

No where is there any information about who owns the city. What are you doing differently to receive the city owner information?


Year 10 Day 345 18:59
Are you sure your not still on the build page? Anyway, I think once you click it and it tells you that, there should be the same page so click the submit button again and it should send a request. Then in your events (possibly) and in the facility request bit (definetely) it will tell you who owns it. But as Ten said, the owner will get an event too saying you requested the build permission.

Year 10 Day 345 19:59
Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, in my events it shows:

You have submitted a build permission for City [insert name here]

No names anywhere though during the process. Interesting. I'll try another city then. Thanks all.

Year 10 Day 345 20:43
Ok, it'll defintely be in the Build Permissions bit then - might have to hunt through the 2 links that relate to personnel ones.