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Year 10 Day 346 23:10
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
My first guess is that hundreds of people lost their valuable items due to this change. However, I'd like to get a confirmation and have few questions that need to get cleared.

What data exactly does the cargo container store about it's items? Only the number and type?

Next question is how is the item "spawned"? Does it copy the OWNER and carrier/manager and location data from the container?

What happened if before this change, a container had items owned by more than 1 person?

Year 10 Day 346 23:15
If am item is spawned, I believe that the owner is the person who owned the container, I'm unsure who the carrier/manager is, though I'd guess that there would be none.

If a container had items owned by multiple people, the items owned by other people are put in a separate crate at the same location, which is automatically spawned.

Example: If I owned an item in your cargo container, then after the change was made my item would be removed from your crate and put into a crate right next to yours, which the server would've spawned for this purpose.

Year 10 Day 347 0:45
I have lost over 430 items that were all owned by me and on one of my ships. I have been away from combine for a week or so and would like to know WTF has happened to them. Can anyone assist?

Year 10 Day 347 2:10
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
If a container had items owned by multiple people, the items owned by other people are put in a separate crate at the same location, which is automatically spawned. 

This does seem to be the case for 4-5 of my items, however not for most of them. In any case, I submitted a bug aswell.

Year 10 Day 347 2:32
All items would have converted to a cargo container that tells you how many are inside and whats inside. The only problem I've come accross with this auto update was if there was only one item in the crate which was owned by someone other than the crate owner (such as grav sleds) in which case it appears that the item was removed and not spawned a new crate as it was the only one in it etc.

Year 10 Day 347 4:38
Aye, there was an issue where items were lost if all the items in a container were owned by one party and the container was owned by another. We still have backups of the tables so I hope to run a check and see how many people were affected when I've got time.

At the moment we're taking it on a case-by-case basis and respawning items as reports are made.

Year 10 Day 347 6:48
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
Khan, when this is fixed, is it possible to do also an automated headcount and make sure that ALL items are accounted for ?

Me and probably many others don't have a clue exactly how many items we might have lost, because it didn't cross our mind to export our inventory before the disaster happened ... Not to mention items that I own but have not been transferred to my inventory by the producing faction.

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Year 10 Day 348 6:59
I have lost ownership some items also. I was just checking on items stored in my ship and some of my items reverted back ownership to the guy who sunned himself. They are still in my ship! His character NO longer exist and now I am no longer the owner of the items? How can we get this rectified? Does any one else have this issue also?


Year 10 Day 348 8:48
Have you read the latest SimNews?

Year 10 Day 348 18:01
Aye, everyone please check again after the latest Sim News post.

If you're still finding some missing provide some details about them and we can look into the backup tables. We'd rather like to get rid of them (they're massive) shortly though.

Year 10 Day 349 13:58
Deleted Post
Riax Tardes
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