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Year 10 Day 347 19:13
GOt a question about capital sunning that #swc-help couldn't answer exactly. PCs/NPCs on the capital are fine, I understand that. However, if an NPC/PC is on board a docked ship/vehicle, would they be safe from any of the effects of sunning since its a new container etc, or would they still be hit by the effects? And, if the assigned pilot enters these entities and the ship hits a sun, will the death effect follow him into the docked entity, or would he be safe as hes no longer on the capital, per se?


Year 10 Day 348 6:59
The Cap Ship would stop once the person entered another ship, as the database sees that as the person leaving the cap ship.. I have exited hyper on accident due to this. As for a passenger being in the ship and going into a docked ship.. no clue

Year 10 Day 348 8:49
Not if there's a pilot droid, Siejo. Nor if the person is a passenger and not the pilot.

Year 10 Day 348 8:49
Seijo, there are such things implemented, droidwise, that stop that from happening. Keep up.

Year 10 Day 348 17:48
my mistake.. /me kicks pilot npcs. they didnt keep ship going for me :)