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Year 10 Day 347 20:51
Ok, so awhile back, I was equipping boxes to my back, and carrying them onto my ship. I stop for awhile, and some stuff seemingly has changed with items, because I can no longer do this. Heck, I can't even equip a flamethrower to my hand!

What it tells me when I try to equip a flamethrower is as follows:
Insufficient Capacity: You need 0.0070 T (1.000 m3) but only have 0.0000 T (5.500 m3) free.

The question, is whether this is a bug, or if it's supposed to be this way now?

Year 10 Day 347 21:55
just to be're hands/back/whatever slot you're trying to equip to is empty, yes?

Year 10 Day 348 0:40
And you haven't got other stuff on you that is taking up the weight?

Year 10 Day 348 5:58
That's right, I'm not carrying anything. And yes Elias, my character is quite naked :P

Year 10 Day 348 9:37
what is your Strength Skill level? It looks like you're trying to pick up more than you're able:
"Insufficient Capacity: You need 0.0070 T (1.000 m3) but only have 0.0000 T (5.500 m3) free."

Year 10 Day 348 10:47
My strength is only level 1, but that shouldn't be the issue, because I was carrying items and containers before. Then I left the Combine for around a week and a half, came back, and suddenly I can't carry anything, including the exact same items and boxes I was formerly moving!