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Archives » Cannot drop items once they are equipped into a slot
Ever since the last sync I have been unable to drop items from:

1. my hands
2. my back
3. my head

Also is it not possible any more to view contents of cargo containers? In the past it was possible for someone to press a button called "view contents" but no this is no longer the case. At least for me anyway.

Anyone else having problems with inventory.

Forgive me if this has been asked before and/or is already being addressed.

You can't see in cargo containers anymore because there are no items inside technically anymore. They are spawned when you remove an item. Otherwise the other stuff is probably a bug.

No problems dropping cargo containers here...

Hey, if they don't have anything in them anymore, shouldn't they weigh less?

I can still drop items, are you sure there's room where you are? (I heard it now doesn't "count" the items that you have equipped towards the capacity, so if it's full of other stuff you wouldn't be able to drop as that would be "adding" weight).