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Archives » Is there a reason why the HTML tag "horizontal rule" is blocked?
When I was posting a new forum thread, I attempted to use the HTML horizontal rule tag to divide up my post into sections, but it didn't work.

I know that SWC blocks certain HTML tags for security reasons, but how does this tag affect security?

Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
There's a button where you get the same affect.


It's simple to find on your keyboard, really.

Can't tell you exactly where it is since I don't know what language your keyboard is, but it's an underline button.

It's not always just about security, it's also about taste.

Cesodevo, that's what I did to substitute, and it looks really ugly.

And Hal, what do you mean "about taste"? Do you mean to say that SWC blocks the horizontal rule tag because they think it's ugly?

Or prone to misuse to create ugly posts.

Censorship! The will of the people to create hideous threads must be preserved! We shall overcome! Si se puede! Yes we can!

You know you can find even prettier HRs by just inserting a centered image, right?

Well, any HTML is prone to misuse, so why not block all HTML (not really)? I don't see what the problem is, they're not ugly.

If I were you, i'd take it to the web site suggestions. I definitely support the idea.

De`zheel wonders what a post with a long horixzontal line between each word would look like... Yes... yes... he thinks it can be done...

Why would anybody do that?

By blocking the horizontal rule, you only hurt those who use it properly, while spammers will still have the "font" tag in their arsenal of tools. Not to mention the potentially pornographic "img" tag, you can't forget about that.

You allow HTML images and links, but block horizontal rules? That's just silly. How could you even begin to explain to somebody how a horizontal rule can be worse than an image or a link?

As you've already been told, if you don't agree, there's a website suggestions forum where you can bring it up.