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Year 10 Day 352 7:42
Obi Right
Obi Right
I had chosen my planet before I had been accepted into a faction so the faction sent a ship for me and it has arrived at the same location I am at and I have been marked part of the crew but when I press the enter button it does not show up on the places I can enter.
What do I do?

Year 10 Day 352 7:52
Hmmm... might have to file a bug report on that.

Year 10 Day 352 7:53
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
With "marked part of the crew", you mean that you have been added to the ship's crewlist? You should, if that was the case, have received a personal event confirming such. Make sure to double-check that the ship you have been added to the crewlist of is indeed the same ship that is standing in front of you, sometimes some people tend to name some ships the same thing, and confusions arise because of it.

Year 10 Day 352 8:25
Obi Right
Obi Right
It is the only ship that is at the right place and the person who is picking me up sent me a message that said that it had landed at the right place.

Year 10 Day 352 8:28
Still doesn't answer the questions asked though. Did you get an event telling you that you had been added to ship X? And is ship X the same ship as the one that is at your location? Best thing to do is contact your pilot and ask him to add you to his crewlist.

Year 10 Day 352 8:46
Obi Right
Obi Right
I got in the ship. The owner just added the wrong person to the crew. He now added me.