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Year 10 Day 352 20:24
Hello. Recently I bought a large group of Droids as well as one speeder. I have done some tracking down and Found out where they are, who owns the ship their on, ECT.

Now the issue with that is a simple one. The Player who owns the ship my new Property is on is Banned. Meaning there is NO chance i can converse with this person in order to get my goods

I wish to ask you what I can do about this, as well as asking if its possible me or someone Im going to hire be given access to this Vessel for the purpose of getting my property, or me even possibly paying CPM price in order to aquire the vessel that these things are on?

Let me know what my Options are please. Thank you
-Matthew Armada

Year 10 Day 352 21:17
Your options are, pretty much, that you're SOL. There's no telling whether the person in question would have given you access to the vessel, so Admin won't intervene. You can post a thread in the Trader's Lounge - or whatever other resources are normally available - and hope someone other than the owner is Commander/Pilot and might help you. Or you can find and have killed the banned person so the ship hits the market, and either buy it yourself or hope the new owner will give you access.

But you're going to have to deal with it IC, not OOC.

Year 10 Day 352 22:02
Well normally I would of tryed going through IC methods, However Banning is a Very OOC thing. It locks the person out of their game, so unless IC he just goes into a Coma and is standing Stock still....

*sigh*...Still, I suppose you have given me some options. I just have to pray hes not on any of his ships, because then nobody can EVER really get to him...and I really am SOL...

Year 10 Day 352 22:06
Same could happen by someone abruptly deciding to quit. Or getting hit by a car. Or having their computer stolen. Or... Need I go on?

Year 10 Day 352 22:20
I see your point. However, If I may make One counterpoint.

Unless You made them Quit, Or hit them with that car, or stold their Computer.....Banning is an action he cant come back even if he wanted to.

Still...I will make my best attempt to solve this IC. If I cant get to him though, Im likley well and truley shafted out of my Credits, Arnt I?
Boy, What I wouldent do for a Fusion Torch or a few Breaching Charges...

Year 10 Day 352 22:27
You could try to sell them on to someone else (probably recommended not to lie about their docked status, though). There are tons of items docked throughout the galaxy that are currently inaccessible to their current owners, but in theory they may be accessible post-combat, or if a level 1 account is purged for inactivity after nine months and their assets end up on the market, or anything like that. Many bans are not permanent, also, even if they are initially intended to be. You never know.

Year 10 Day 352 22:33
Heh...Accessable Post-Combat

That'll be Soon*tm*

If I cant find this person by chance, I'll just sell em off again..