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Year 10 Day 355 15:43
:: Ships ::
To access the ships exchange, you must be inside a powered Landing Pad or a Starport.

:: Vehicles ::
To access the vehicles exchange, you must be inside a powered Garage, Hangar or Starport.

:: Boats and Submarines ::
To access the boats and submarines exchange, you must be inside a powered Dry Dock, Naval Shipyard or Port, located in a River, Swamp or Ocean city.

Is this a bug or was this implanted?

Year 10 Day 355 15:45
- Implemented this suggestion to only allow CP ships and vehicles to be spawned from inside certain facilities. The facilities are listed on the CP exchange, and the entities will be spawned outside the facility.

- Sim News "Technical Patch (Posted by Khan on Year 10 Day 342)"

Year 10 Day 355 16:01
Just to clear up so you have to be inside one of said facility's?

Year 10 Day 355 16:05
from inside certain facilities

- Bold added for emphasis