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Year 10 Day 357 19:20
Clearly the changing of a faction leader posts in the events section of the daily GNS posts is being abused to simply put a factions name out there to generate interest. With multiple changing of the leader in a single day often swapping back and forth between the same pair of people.

Today's post was filled with "Fettt & Alaks Love Child Medical" posts. I lost count at 17 events, most of them faction leader changes from this now dissolved faction. Maybe the combine could limit the leader changes per faction to 1 per day to at least lessen the " lol " factor of the GNS

Mr. T

Edited By: Sven Tveskoeg on Year 10 Day 359 13:18
Year 10 Day 357 19:50
Actually, some factions, like the one Kyria is running, cannot add new members any other way. Luckily Zone is not in danger of dissolving, and there is a bug base report about it. but some factions feel the need to get members in ASAP.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon. the excessive gns flashes does get annoying. but until it's fixed she isn't sure what some factions can do.

Year 10 Day 357 20:07
FnALCM was, apparently, sold without an HQ, making it impossible to get members in any other way.

It might be argued that this is still abuse, but it's not for the reasons being originally suggested.

Most switching out is due to leaders going to micro-manage in other factions they own, or hopping out to join another faction to get specific facilities built (and then coming back).

Year 10 Day 357 20:16
Kyria can understand how frustrating that would be. She just can't accept new members right now and so has bug based it. Which is bad she has people wanting to hop in to build things.

if she wasn't stuck in a slow ship on the opposite side of the galaxy she would fly over and start production for them. but by the time she could get there hopefully things will get fixed.

Kyria hopes that Love child gets itself sorted out.

Year 10 Day 358 23:14
You do realise that faction has since dissolved right?

Year 10 Day 359 13:16
No..I didn't point that out in my opening post... now dissolved faction

That was just the faction of the day to abuse it. It's worthy of marking most faction leader changes as spam.

Year 10 Day 359 18:15
I was actually talking to Kyria...sheesh.

Year 10 Day 360 14:28
Oh...apologies for taking you as another internet moron when you clearly aren't

Year 10 Day 365 17:26
This is not a suggestion forum.