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Year 6 Day 317 13:29

I signed up for a new account around this time yesterday uner the handle Reg Hollis. As yet I have not received either an activation email, or a rejection. As per the sticky above, I entered my email into the "lost password" field and got the message "Accounted not yet activated" (by the way - minor typo there wants fixing at some point ;) )

If the admins have been too busy to activate accounts over the past 24 hours then of course I fully understand - don't think I'm griping. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't somehow been overlooked.

Year 6 Day 317 15:32
Accounts aren't overlooked (the icon continues flashing until all join requests are handled).

Since you are receiving that message, it indicates that no one has had time to finish all the join requests yet. We're currently a bit understaffed in that department.



Year 6 Day 317 15:55

Thank you Syn.

After all that, the account was declined because I'm apparently using a free email address. I'm a bit disturbed to discover that my email address is free, since I've been paying for that domain for some months now. Perhaps I'm being ripped off by somebody.

Anyhow, I have since re-applied with the handle Xion Sash, and the email address admin@fallingangel.net as per instructions.

Minor gripe however - I can understand @Yahoo, @Hotmail and @Lycos accounts being rejected, but to wait 26 hours for activation to get declined because you're using a domain you own and maintain is frustrating to say the least.

I run a number of websites myself, and of course I want to ensure that users are genuine so I understand where you as admins are coming from. However, I do feel that since activation does take some time in the first instance the rules on private domains could be relaxed a little. After all, most frauds and spammers / scammers come from the well known free email services - not so many from private domains.

Peace out.

Year 6 Day 317 17:57
Since only one account is permitted for each domain, we need to ensure that it's the domain owner signing up with that e-mail address, which is why the webmaster/admin mail is required.

Remember, this is only needed for registration. Once you have your password, you can set a free e-mail address in your OOC profile and can deactivate the domain e-mail again to avoid dealing with spam. It just ensures that no one will be able to register again with it in the future since there's a field in the database that stores it as the e-mail address the account was originally registered with.



Year 6 Day 317 23:33

I have a problem

why does it say in my e-mail that my i.p adress is used by someone else?!?

i have never been on this site b4 exept to join and i have only just been told of this place by my friend

the only explination i can think of is that were on a wireless network but its the same person from them both

also i put a typo both times i entered m e-mail adress so the 2nd attempt at joining failed

fix this game so i can dam well play this year!!!!??!?!!!?!^

Year 6 Day 318 8:52
If you're sharing a network with another player, that would be the reason you're displaying as their multi. You'll need to mail multi-accounts@swcombine.com with your handles so you can be registered as multis. You'll need to be in the same faction or one or both freelance.

If you mistyped your e-mail address, chances are your first application was approved, which means any subsequent ones would naturally be declined since you already have an account. In that situation, post the handle, incorrect e-mail address, and correct e-mail address, so someone can fix your error for you.

In the future, please open your own thread instead of posting in someone else's.