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Year 10 Day 362 9:35
I'mstuck in the atmosphere of a planet, and i can't descent to a city because it's blocked by a shield generator. What can i do to get past it?

Year 10 Day 362 9:44
Luna Vox
Luna Vox
Cross Terrain to an open square if there are any. If not you will need to contact the owner of the shield gen to add you to the crewlist.

Year 10 Day 362 9:45
Ask the owner to lower the shield/ If the shield generator is linked to a computer control centre, then ask to be added to the crewlist of the computer control centre. If not, you can't get past it.

[Or what Luna mentioned about landing where the shield isn't present, then cross-terraining]

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Year 11 Day 40 3:11
How do you find the owner of the Shield Generator?

in my BR-23 freigher trying to get to the Star Port at (gov:new republic)
Sector: Unknown Regions
System: Csilla: (-301, 342)
Planet: Csilla: (6, 14)
halluraan primary spaceport
Surface positon (5,4)

but can't land as it is shielded.

So following above advice have landed at unshield

Sector: Unknown Regions
System: Csilla: (-301, 342)
Planet: Csilla: (6, 14)
City: Csaplar (7, 2)
Ground Position: (8, 11)
city Csaplar instead (old rebublic) but don't seem to have a cross terrain option/ tab under travel>planet etc & can only travel around city caspler under travel>city.

Any ideas why?

Edited By: Murgo Contarus on Year 11 Day 40 7:39
Year 11 Day 40 7:57
To cross-terrain, you have to be on the edge of the city in the direction you want to cross-terrain.

Year 11 Day 40 9:02
worked like a dream, many thanks.