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Year 10 Day 365 13:39
Jahat Volrath
Jahat Volrath
I purchased an item a while back and only now realize that their are no coordinates or anything for the items. It just lists the facility it is in and that's it. How do I go about finding the exact location?

Year 10 Day 365 18:36
Generally, you need to post in the Traders Lounge with the facility name, type and ID#. However if its something like a knife that you bought from an NPC shopkeeper, then it will most likely be in the same place you bought it from.

Or you could ask the person who you bought it from.

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Year 11 Day 1 5:33
Jahat Volrath
Jahat Volrath
thanks, i will try the traders lounge then, just didn't make any sense why all other items have coordinates except the two that I have. I did contact the buyer but he/she has no clue, basically they purchased the items and then sold them because they were going to leave combine soon. Or that was the story I received.