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Archives » Need some assist with avatar!
Year 10 Day 365 20:00
Hi all, I just joined recently and am having a huge problem getting an avatar uploaded that works.
I use photobucket and have a avatar hosted ready to use here, however, I copy/pasted the direct link in my general settings where there is a field for this but it's titled something real different to what I used to on other forums/sites. Anyway I tried pasting the direct link for my avatar in this field and it showed on this page but not on my profile page...???
So I tried a HTML link for the avatar and now a message comes up in my general settings saying that my image has been moved or deleted,with no field to rectify my link code nor does the "update" button appear anymore for me to change anything....

IF the admin or someone who can help, please reply, I would greatly appreciate it!

Best regards,
the newbie,
Semira Balveene

Year 10 Day 365 20:07
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Can you post the link that you are using?

Year 10 Day 365 21:19
Thanks for your response, Zero Turner.
I tried to paste these links in the "OOC Picture: 150x150" field in "general settings", actually is this correct place to upload an avatar..what's "OOC" stand for anyway????

I'll post the direct link that I at first used:

And here is the HTML code link that I pasted in last, and now I can't even change that or delete it....nada. Just this huge image that says "This image has been moved or deleted"...and I never even moved the image at all in my photobucket albums.

Photobucket this HTML code link works here in this thread??? why is not working for my avatar?

Edited By: Semira Balveene on Year 10 Day 365 21:24
Year 10 Day 365 21:31
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
I think I got it.
1) To put up your image go to the location "Character"
2) Edit "Your Name" Profile
3) Then put your image where it says:
"URL to character picture:"

I also sent you a DM. I think you were posting it in the OOC location, well let me know. I could be mistaken.

Year 10 Day 365 21:50
Ideed i was pasting it the OOC location , but that's all I can see when I go into Account settings, I see no "Character" section except for what I explained in my PM to you just a few minutes ago Turner. thanks for your help by the way...;-)

Edited By: Semira Balveene on Year 10 Day 365 21:51
Year 10 Day 365 22:12
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Select the highlighted portion up top. It's the "Members" bar which is where a lot of the character bars are located, such as actions.

As you can see, under account settings is "Character" click there

Here you will notice this is where you edit your profile. Click on "Edit 'your name' profile"

Here I highlighted where you would place your image url.

Well this may be it. Again I could be wrong... so check it out

Edited By: Zero Turner on Year 10 Day 365 22:13
Year 10 Day 365 22:17
As Zero said, follow his instructions. You're looking in the Account Settings section which is OOC (Out of Character, by the way, as opposed to IC, In Character), which the Character link just below is for anything that pertains to your character, such as how you look.

And you'll want just the url - the HTML code will not work there, only in the forum posts etc.

Year 10 Day 365 23:14
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
You have to create your character before you can change your avatar.

Year 10 Day 365 23:20
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
^^ That's very important as well.

Year 11 Day 1 23:58
Ahhhhh...well, if I had been in the know of that little vital point, then the rest would have made much more sense from the start...LOL!

I didn't realise one has to create their character first before they can modify their profile stuff....

Thank you so much everyone!
And my apologies for my current newbie brain damaged condition....LOL..

I shall go in and create my character then...
(Swings her cape up into the air, and shouts..."AWAY!")...

Many thanks again guys and girls, especially Zero Turner, for your prompt assistance, it's appreciated.