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Year 11 Day 2 20:28
I tooled my SY for a Gallo..it just completed, however I checked the status and it says tool - NA.
I am assuming this is a bug, for my factory is tooled without a problem.

My question is anyone experiencing this?

Year 11 Day 2 22:08
I had a station

Year 10 Day 363, 23:13 Retooling at the space station Neelgaimon OAS - Naval Yard I, to produce *******, has been completed. The datacard was no longer available.

DC was available and assigned

Year 11 Day 3 3:55
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
I had similar with a factory:

Year 10 Day 364, 16:01 Retooling at the facility PES Factory, to produce Pursuer Enforcement Ships, has been completed. The datacard was no longer available.

I haven't tried to start production, but the factory reports:

Facility Status
Idle (Next: Nothing in queue)
Tooled To: -

I do, however, still see the DCs assigned to the factory. (Factory ID# 761967)


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Year 11 Day 4 0:42
Experienced the same thing. I guess it's an already known bug (I haven't checked). If you reassign the DC (in the production menu of the factory/SY) the factory/SY will be instantly retooled just fine and you can carry on.

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