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Archives » Multi Accounts - Whats the problem?
I am just curious...why can't a single person have two accounts or at least characters? I understand that a person could cheat by using both characters at once and that sort of stuff. But there are so many races in the Combine and somethings you can't decide on just one...Its hard to choose. So why can't one be aloud to have more then one account/character in order to experience more then one?

Take this for instance... Your currently a Gungan Medical office in your faction, your happy with what you have, but you what to know what it is like to be force sensitive without being what you are now. You could kill your Gungan and wait 3 weeks to create a Selkath or Gand to have the best chance of being force sensitive, but you can't get back your Gungan...This is a muddle and it is very tempting to have multi accounts for that. The Purpose of such would not be to cheat, but to get a wider scope and experience from the game. Is someone aloud to create another account in order to get more experience and not cheat?

Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Yes, provided your previous account does not exist anymore.

I am no admin so I cannot speak for them, but it is a matter of several things, including but not limited to server capacity, fairness, and logic.

Those three would be only a few reasons one player may only have one account. A more clarifying answer would be available from an admin assistant or an admin. Or alternatively, you can send a message to and ask your question there.


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It begs for abuse. Join both the NR and GE, and pass information between your characters. Or keep activity up in your faction. Or lead a second faction for yourself, and not have to trust anyone.

SWC is not suitable to people playing multiple characters. You don't have to choose which one to play today/atm - you can play them all at once.

You don't have to choose which one to play today/atm - you can play them all at once. 

Whats that surposed to mean?

With other games such as WoW, you can really only play with one character at a time, getting XP and loot. In SWC, because of the delayed real-time system, you can set up one character to fly, then log out, and log into the other account and go do something else.

Azhrarn Amaratha
Azhrarn Amaratha
well the thing is it is a huge advantage to have more than 1 character... and like elias said its very easy to play multiple characters at the same time.. in effect if it was allowed everybody would make multiple characters.. which would eliminate the need to interact with other players because with 10 characters one could easily run an entire faction all on their own.. make 100 orso and you could play a whole government faction with nationals all on your own.. imagine every player running an average of 25 characters? this would put quite a strain on the servers as well.

now you could counter that you dont have the funds for that, but believe me there are plenty of people out there that do have those kind of funds. which would create an enormous chism between haves and have nots (old players vs new players).. because why would the haves hire the havenots if they could simply keep their factions running with alts? (which is what Hal already mentioned)

yes its hassle to get rid of a wrongly picked character and make a new one but the alternative would make the game unplayable and kill teh entire basic idea of the agme, which is interaction between players.


Just Putting my view into this:

Set a Limit of 2, then people with 3 or more, who get banned are reduced to 1 account rule like now. This way, people get a bigger experience of the game, a few rules i got to this is:

- If you are in GR/NR, your other character aint allowed in that other faction (ASims can check factions :|)
- 3 Or more characters will reduce you to the 1 account limit
- If you are F/S and sun your other character, they are both banned for 2 months and the F/S one deleted (Or FS removed)

I will add to this

The Guest [u]Gavin Rollan[/u] :)
Sienar Tech

I suspect people won't listen much to someone banned for illegally having multiple accounts.

Maybe there sould be a limit of two like the Guest person said, only the accounts are sorta linked and there are special requirements for having another like your account has to be 1 year old and you have to pay a number of CP's to gain premission. The you can create a new character and log into both with a seprate name, but the new one is under the same infomation as your origenel, except the handle of course.

Is this anygood to place in the Suggestions forum?

Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Politely said: No.