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Year 11 Day 17 14:38
okay, so i have been captured by an enmy of mine, and am told that i will be permanantly arrested and carted around with her.

my question is:

is there something i can do to geto out of this? i dont mean escape, i mean, what can i do so that i am not permanantly the slave of this person?

can i die, and respawn in three weeks, or am i stuck doing this forever?

Year 11 Day 17 14:43
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
You can respawn, yes. Depending on the action done to you IC (there are several possibilities), your respawn time may take between 4 and 6 weeks.

Year 11 Day 17 14:54
what! i thought that it was 3 weeks!

how do i go about doing it, then?

Year 11 Day 17 15:08
If you're arrested, a button will eventually appear for you to drop your character.

If you're not arrested, email the admins after 3 weeks and tell them you want to drop your character.

Year 11 Day 17 18:20
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles

you should try and get someone to spring you, go Electronic Lock Breakers :D