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Year 11 Day 17 21:01
Valon Ra
Valon Ra
I have a question regarding an idea I have that I'd love to use for my character but am not sure if it could work in the Combine. My character is a droid builder and not a fighter. Having a droid companion would really add to her but I am not sure of a few things:

- I'd need a droid that would have personality and the ability to fight (to defend primarily) Are there droids available or make-able that fit these requirements?

- In role playing scenarios, would I be allowed to role play both my character and this droid? I am not even sure I can be accompanied at all times (item wise, I know one can only mention things in rp that one actually possesses as a character) by this droid so that it could be used IC.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Year 11 Day 17 21:55
To answer in orders:

- A droid would only have as much personality as you RP it to have. As for fighting, that'll have to wait until droids/NPC's can be implemented into combat and there are plenty out there with the capacity to fight, just look at the rules page for the droids with 'strength' skill or a blaster on them.

- In official RP's (white scenarios) you can represent yourself and whatever assets you have realistic access to which includes droids. So yes, you can RP both your character and not only one droid, but any/all droids available to you. If you have access to a 3PO for instance, but don't actually own one personally, you may still RP with it for the most part.

Year 11 Day 17 22:19
Valon Ra
Valon Ra
Thank you very much!

Year 11 Day 17 22:34
Valon Ra
Valon Ra
Alright, the only additional questions I have are these

- Can I change what the droid is? (For example, having a modified Super Battle droid to include some protocol capabilities, etc.) This is not a big issue, I just want the droid to be able to have personality.

- Even if the droid is of a common Combine build, I would love for the droid to have a different look (once again the idea that is was modified and personalized to its owner) Is this acceptable?

Year 11 Day 18 0:28
1st: Not really. You can RP in white scenarios and such as having those abilities if you wish, but any physical changes to droids you have will have to wait until modifications come with R&D.

2nd. Yes. Custom images are used to give a different look to things you own. It has to look like the original type, but small modifications can be made, as well as changing colours etc, so long as it is still recognisably what it is.

Year 11 Day 18 1:39
Valon Ra
Valon Ra
Awesome, the responses have been very helpful can't thank you both enough.