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Archives » How to load coargo into cargo bay

I have an action Vi. In the cargo hold I would like to get an YT 1210. Is it possible to get the YT into the cargo hull of the action?

Nope. TO get a ship into another entity, the larger of the two would need a docking bay. Since the Action doesn't (it only has a hanger bay which is for vehicles) it cannot be docked.

Year 11 Day 305 15:01
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Year 11 Day 305 15:45
I have a question along the same line.
The rules arent entirely clear about this, can capital ships fit inside Stations if they are large enough? What about capitals inside capitals? I do believe I heard somewhere that stations cannot go inside capital ships.
Im guessing that docking ports are supposed to allow for capital to capital or capital to station transfer, but I have no idea if that is current or a future implementation.
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Year 11 Day 305 15:50
If it fits, you can dock it.

Stations can only fit inside capitals if they are wrecked first, I believe, and there's not many capitals that can fit them anyway.

Docking ports are not implemented yet.


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Year 11 Day 305 23:04
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
You can tractor a station into a ship, if you have a docking bay equipped ship with sufficient volume/weight cap.

You can dock Bayo into MTC for example, so yeah cap in cap is possible. I managed to get station inside a station too, but dont try it too, Zhao wont be happy about getting out again. Now I wonder if you really need docking bay from stations, like BFF could hold LSC for example, if you dont need docking bay.


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