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Archives » A fast question about Speed.
Year 11 Day 23 22:28
Adrian Owen
Adrian Owen
Well This is a noob question but I want all info possible.

Travel in Hiper space from a Sector to another sector take me Weeks.

What can I do to travel faster?
Buy a better ship?Increase my pilot skills?

Thanks for your reply.

Year 11 Day 23 23:10
Well, Combine uses "delayed real time", meaning, no matter how upgraded your capital/freighter-fighter piloting skill is and no matter how modified your hyperspace speed is, you'll still need time.

My suggestion is to try and play around with Nav Comp. Pick two locations and see how long it would take you to cross the distance with various skill and piloting combos.

Year 11 Day 23 23:49
The hyper stats of your ship will make the biggest difference. A hyper 2 ship will be twice as fast as a hyper 1 ship, while a hyper 8 ship will be 4x faster than a hyper 2 ship.

As Goorin said, try playing around with the nav comp. Fastest ships you're likely to fly will be Hyper 7.

Year 11 Day 26 1:36
What type of ship are you flying?

(There's a bug that we haven't managed to isolate that makes some hyper travels take a lot longer than they should)