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Year 11 Day 25 3:18
If i feel that a certain forum moderator(no names atm) is bieng unfair to me frequently, who can i contact?

Edited By: Han Jones on Year 11 Day 25 7:30
Year 11 Day 25 3:32
Like people don't know you're talking about Hal?

Follow the rules and you won't have problems. I highly suggest you go to the White Scenario boards for training.

Year 11 Day 25 3:40
To answer the question, you can try Syn, who I believe is still in charge of all the forums, or you can try the assistants@swc e-mail address. Or if you really want to go for it, you can try Veynom.

However, I will think you'll find that none of them are particularly sympathetic towards an individual who opens near-identical threads to ones that person has gotten in trouble for previously.

Year 11 Day 25 3:41
*sighs*. well, hal banned me from the meeting hall for no reason. i made 1 mistake, breaking a rule that isnt even on the rules list, which i read. if it applied to the meeting hall,it should be posted there.

what point is there in doing white training, if i wont be allowed back on the board?

this is also not the first time hal has banned me from a forum for breaking rules which dont exist.

Edit: hal, i didnt break any rules. i followed all of the rules that were posted on the meeting hall rules list. also, what banned me? you closed the first thread almost 2 days ago, and you banned me now? if this is about the one called "the best of the sort of okay". you will notice that i did not break the nonexistent rule you closed the first one for, as i never said that any of the equipment was mine. for all you know, it could have been borrowed.

and, how was it identical? the only thing the two threads have in common is that they are both by invitation only.

Edited By: Han Jones on Year 11 Day 25 3:46
Year 11 Day 25 3:46
You'll get unbanned when you complete White Scenario Training.

Year 11 Day 25 3:57
You are arrested on Julro Mapit's ship, so if you want to get technical you can't RP yourself doing anything else. Of course, if everyone only RPed doing exactly what the DB said they were the Meeting Hall would be a boring place. However, stating in your thread "this does not break any rules" doesn't make it true. If you actually WERE part of a group of freelance pilots, you wouldn't be having to get people to DM you to ask to be part of it, because you'd already have a list of people.

The Star Wars Combine Meeting Hall is for playing your Star Wars Combine character only, in the Star Wars Combine galaxy. It is not for random SW RP. I thought I had made this clear when I closed your first thread, and yet you opened a second one that completely ignored what I said, so you got banned. Just as you were re-banned from the Suggestions forum for opening a second thread identical to the one that you were previously banned for that was closed.

Moderators are there for a reason. Ignore them at your peril.

Year 11 Day 25 4:04
well, actually, i am not arrested, i got the cuffs taken off. so, there.

the suggestions forum: it was not identical to my last one, if you actually read it, you will see the note i gave to you in particular,Hal, in the first post, about how it wouldnt affect me at all. so, no reason to ban me there.

the meeting hall: i posted in an ooc segment that i was looking for people. how i get members to join my RP is not in the rules, and is none of your buisness.

i see no reason how i was not playing my SWC charachter, as if you read it, i was.

also, i did have a list of people, it was merely a formality. i didnt want random people posting on it, askiny why they cant be on.
unban me,please.

Edited By: Han Jones on Year 11 Day 25 4:06
Year 11 Day 25 4:08
When I close a suggestion thread, and you open one FOR THE EXACT SAME SUGGESTION then you get banned. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This should have clued you in that claiming in your Meeting Hall thread that it didn't break rules doesn't matter. Clearly you lack a comprehension of the rules if you are getting threads closed, so you can't exactly go around dictating whether or not your threads are breaking the rules.

You clearly just don't get, and you will remain banned until you do.

Year 11 Day 25 4:13
first of all, the two suggestions were seperate, and while there were some similarities, the fundementals were diffrent.

as for breaking rules,say what you will, but it is a fact that i wasnt. deny it if you will, but it is a fact, and so it shall remain.

just as an idea, no wonder we have trouble keeping new players active IC. with tyrants like Hal running around, banning everything he dosent like, regardless of actuall rules, its suprising that we have any players at all.

Year 11 Day 25 4:32
First suggestion post:
"shouldnt there be some way to at least attempt to escape from captivity?i mean escaping from behind locked doors. (...) cannon: luke escapes from tallon karrdes base by using the battery from his mechanichal hand to operate the door, therby escaping."

Second suggestion post:
"my suggestion is: that there should be some sort of ability to make a comp ops check, or some other skill, to be able to bypass locked doors. this would represent the factor that is the innovation of the person tryin to get in or out, the equivilant of picking the lock with a hairpin, or, in the sw galaxy, slicing the controlls of a door to get out, or in."

The core of these two posts is the same: Getting past locked doors with no items or anything else. There is no fundamental difference. The only difference is phrasing.

Oooh, Hal's a tyrant, ohnoes!!! He bans everybody for no reason11111
Funny how if you actually count up in all the forums I moderate, it's something like less than 0.1% of the active player count that are banned. I would also say that the vast majority of people that have ever received a ban from me have not gotten a second after they were unbanned. Maybe if you would pay attention, and not make up "facts" to justify breaking rules, you wouldn't have a problem.

Year 11 Day 25 4:37

Nowhere on the suggestions forum does it say that i cant make a suggestion about doors!

Nowhere on the meeting hall does it say that i cant have some friends RP together! i appreciate that my first one was a little far fetched, but the second one isnt. i doactually have an eta-2, and i was going to use it in the RP. i also have access to an asteroid hideout owned by a friend, so i have,once again,broken no rules.

Year 11 Day 25 4:41
Yes, yes, we get it, you refuse to listen to me. Seems to be your whole problem. You've been told where to file your complaints, so run along now.

Year 11 Day 25 4:42
You also have a pair of stuncuffs wrapped around your wrists. Or will. Either way, accept that you're stuck. It sucks, but it happens. In the mean time, I'd suggest you start thinking about your next character.

Your thread in the Suggestions forum was locked because it was shot down. There are, and will be, methods for bypassing doors. Just standing there isn't and won't be one of them.

Year 11 Day 25 4:45
Hal, i just ask that you explain the rule by which i was banned from the meeting hall, as i saw it nowhere on either your RP guide, or the rules post.

Year 11 Day 25 5:08
How about the warning under which your previous thread was closed:
"RP your SWC characters only. You can't be pirates unless you are pirates."

You can, of course, substitute any word or phrase you like in for "pirates". A phrase such as "freelance fighter pilots". If you're having to recruit for your RP with an OOC note in the thread, then clearly what you are trying to do in the thread does not reflect your SWC character. QED.

Seriously, is this such a hard concept? Do I have to write an essay on it for the rules thread? I admit we do get the occasional thread from newer players that miss the point, but after closing one, people tend to get the idea.

You can't just ignore the moderator and do what you want. Not even when you put a line in your post claiming that it's not the same thing your last thread was closed for when it clearly is. Do you get that yet?

Edit: I mean, really, does the Commerce forum need a rule stating that it's not ebay and you can't try to sell your old iPod there?

Edited By: Hal Breden on Year 11 Day 25 5:15
Year 11 Day 25 5:15
RP your SWC characters only. You can't be pirates unless you are pirates 
Hal berden

well, lets be fair, i actually have done some pirating on imperial stations, and such. but that is irrellivant.

how does "freelance fighter pilots" equal"pirates"? and, for your information, before i was captured, i was a freelance fighter pilot,and doing rather well.

as i said before, i was not recruiting in the thread, it was just a formality. i already had a list of people who wanted to join, and i would have accepted them, had you not banned me.

it is not a hard concept, but if you want to ban me based on rules quotes, dont you think that there should be an actual rule to quote in the first place?

Edited By: Han Jones on Year 11 Day 25 5:15
Year 11 Day 25 5:24
It's funny how your thread reads completely differently, and only now you're claiming you already have the people.

Isn't it also funny how the other moderator for the Meeting Hall agrees with me?

Year 11 Day 25 5:27
actually, i said a good 4 or 5 posts ago, whenyou first asked, that i have people already doing this.

Year 11 Day 25 5:33
look,Hal. i dont want to have to go to Syn and make a big deal out of this, because we will both be hurt by that. i just want to get unbanned from the meeting hall.

Year 11 Day 25 5:36
Is that supposed to be some kind of threat?

The only reason I would be scared of you going to Syn, or the ASims, or Veynom, would be if I had acted inappropriately and there was some evidence of that. Of course, I haven't, and there isn't, so go do whatever you feel you have to do.

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