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Year 11 Day 25 5:38
i am not threatning you, just stating my intentions.

you have acted innapproripatley, and i intend to do something about it.

Year 11 Day 25 5:38
Yeah, right, good luck with that.

Year 11 Day 25 5:41
/me giggles

In answer to your question on IRC Han: Yes, I think you're crazy, ayah.

Stop being silly, ayah you know when I saw that second thread I thought "Ohnoes, he did eet again ..."

But even if it was a setup I wouldn't blame Hal, ayah. The whole trial was me not letting Jyncs{away} have all the fun, so why stop Hal from having some too? However his Gavel is a real one, and not a Jelly one like mine (auction on CPM by the way, ayah) so you can't expect the soft edges to the blows you found in our humble court you know.

Edited By: Erica Ferrari on Year 11 Day 25 5:42

Year 11 Day 25 5:42
of course, i am happy to quit and continue on as i was earlier, as all i want is to be unbanned.

Erica, i dont want soft edges, i just want to know why i have been banned by hal quoting a rule that dosent exist.

Edited By: Han Jones on Year 11 Day 25 5:43
Year 11 Day 25 5:51
The rule does exist, ayah. Or at least when I read the rules and guidelines in the Meeting Hall I interpret them in saying that. Even if it wasn't clear though I thought Hal made the reason pretty clear when he closed the first one, ayah. *shrugs*

I know it sucks to not be able to be in there when ingame freedom is taken away from you also. It's just the way it goes though, ayah. You can't expect any leniency ingame or inforum because of your circumstance in the other.

You can still bug folks on the IRC D:

Edit: Uggg But stop trying to make me feel guilty >.>

Edited By: Erica Ferrari on Year 11 Day 25 5:59
Year 11 Day 25 6:40
by the way han what is your plan with your Character, are you moving on. or are you sticking with it , I just like to know , and no really he is not Arrested. He is just locked in a room on my ship. think of it like he is kidnap. the Arrest Rules will not work for him I think.

Year 11 Day 25 6:58
julro, i just sent you a dm to answer your questions.

Year 11 Day 25 8:13
Seems after some recent discussion the Han Jones saga could be taking a potentially bizarre (and possibly horrific) twist.

At least his next life anywho, ayah if he chooses to move on from this existance.

But it's Christmas, ayah, silly season you know. <3

Edited By: Erica Ferrari on Year 11 Day 25 8:13
Year 11 Day 25 12:33
I am sorry han, I did not receive a Dm answering my questions . All I got was a rant from some guy blaming me for all his problems in this game. But if you got problems in this gane I tell you to talk to one of the Moderators, they may be able to help you . May I suggest a Mr Hal Breden he seems to be the nicest of them all.

Year 11 Day 25 19:50
I'd recommend taking Hal's advice if you want access to forums he moderates again. Regardless of your disagreements with him, Hal is a fair moderator.



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