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Year 11 Day 27 19:38
Do you need credits to use the services of a medical faction?

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Year 11 Day 27 20:02
That's up to the faction, I should think. Most likely yes.

Year 11 Day 29 1:45
I mean, would they charge you for healing services (like if you were unconscious and needed a batcha tank) I really need to know...

Year 11 Day 29 1:54
It's up to the faction.

Year 11 Day 29 2:04
Where would you advertise the need for healing?

Year 11 Day 29 3:40
I would suggest contacting a medical faction directly. You can find them all listed on the faction list.

Also, you have at least 3 open threads in this forum alone. I think it might be easier if you just ask for a mentor. That way you can ask someone with more experience than yourself all of these questions without opening a bunch more threads. Syn doesn't like it when you flood the forum with new threads, and I wouldn't want her mad at me. You can pick up a mentor here, if you are interested:

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