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Archives » Second Avatar - Assist please??
Year 11 Day 28 11:14
(( anyone know where Star wars Info Lounge in Second Life is?))

Link your Second Life avatar to SWC

You can link a Second Life avatar to your SWC account. To do so you have to request a password. This password will be mailed to the address you used to register with. Then go to the Star Wars Info Lounge in Second Life and use this password to identify you at the Combine terminal there.

I have the pass word but cant figure out what to go.

Year 11 Day 28 15:42
I think it was being moved. Honestly, I'm unsure if the new location was ever announced. You'd be best off trying to contact Jennifer Dreighton directly. She handles the Second Life aspect of the game.

Year 11 Day 154 21:00
You just enter "Star Wars Combine" in the search area. You then get "Star Wars Combine Info Lounge & Amanora's Art, Lythria". (There is also the group, but I only saw three members that were admins only.) The place is enclosed with the pictures/art.


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