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Year 11 Day 29 12:59
Sanatana Profigous
Sanatana Profigous
Some people are asking for people to kill other people (sounds confusing I know), and offering rewards for it. I was just wondering, how are you supposed to do this, because without combat, you can't kill anyone...

I know this might not be the right forum, but I wasn't sure which one to put it in.

Year 11 Day 29 13:06
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
They are probably speaking of arresting and then executing (A/E) someone.


Year 11 Day 29 16:35

Occasionally an assassin gets on the ship of his target and flies it into a sun, killing them both. It's the old murder-suicide technique.

Year 11 Day 30 11:19
Sanatana Profigous
Sanatana Profigous
Sim Karr, I thought you couldn't do that if you weren't in a faction?

Year 11 Day 30 14:22
You can't. But it's not hard to get into a faction that can do it.

Year 11 Day 30 14:30
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
As Hal said, you have to be part of a faction. There are some factions solely dedicated to bounty hunting but there are also freelance bounty hunters whom have connections to get into a faction and be assigned the A/E privileges required. I don't know any personally but I know that they do exist.

Year 11 Day 31 1:25
Sanatana Profigous
Sanatana Profigous
Ok then, thanks for all your help guys.