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Year 11 Day 32 18:43
Cyphor Axis
Cyphor Axis
Just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them. Guessing it will probably have to be bug based.

FI ran for Rothana Heavy Works and got the events of how much made and so on (shows in FI transactions also), but yet credits are the same and no event in credit transactions.

17 Year 11 Day 31, 17:21 The facilities your faction owns have made a total profit of 27,753,675 credits.

Credit Transactions:
Year 11 Day 31
18:20 Cyphor Axis 2,000,000
Year 11 Day 25
9:11 Tax Administration 29,670 Producing 1 Modular Conveyor "OS Mod Con I" in the Shipyard 1 Gamma I (ID: 1859).

I just pasted them 2 as you can see the gap and time between them.

Year 11 Day 32 19:46
Yeah its on the bug base. Looks like any faction income was nerfed - and facilities that had/need factions to manage for income made a loss too for some reason.

Year 11 Day 32 21:01
Cyphor Axis
Cyphor Axis
ahh explains the hospital i had in the faction that made a loss.

Year 11 Day 33 7:43
Best course of action is to pay off any debts right now.

We'll be rolling back FI and rerunning later on in the week if all goes to plan.

This bug is probably the best one to watch:

There is no need to post in the bug.

Year 11 Day 33 10:13
Cyphor Axis
Cyphor Axis
ye i paid off all debt salaries and npc wages already. i wasnt gonna post in the bug base as the problem has been noted already. i just posted here to see if i was the only person it happened to lol.